Sarah Birken & Whitney robinson

The AcaDames

AcaDames is a biweekly podcast that explores whether being a woman in academia is a dream, game, or scam through interviews with a diverse range of women. Discussions cover career trajectories, finances, childbearing decisions, spirituality, the ever-present patriarchy, and everything in between. Co-hosts Whitney Robinson and Sarah Birken open up to each other and their guests in intimate, frank, and often funny conversations. Along the way, they share insider knowledge about the “hidden curriculum” for professional advancement (and potential world domination).

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Whitney Robinson, Phd

Whitney Robinson is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology in a large state university. Dr. Robinson investigates why health problems are more common among certain social groups: Why are breast cancer death rates higher for Black women? Why are rates of hysterectomy so high among childbearing-aged women in the U.S. South? Also, she loves television, Sunday morning worship, personal finance, and self-help (Myer Briggs: INFJ; Enneagram: Self-preservation 2; Four Tendencies: Questioner; Love languages: Words of Affirmation and Quality Time). Whitney is the only female in her household. Her laughter is frequent and distinctive. She uses the word “fun” way too much when talking about research design.

Sarah Birken, phD

Sarah Birken is an assistant professor, wife, momma, friend, and runner - not always in that order. She regularly geeks out on implementation theory, often in cancer care, and derives great pleasure from mentoring and learning. Sarah spends too much time wondering if she’s worthy of her position, trying to get her daughter to stop biting her nails, and searching for the perfect white tee.


Creative director

Mara Buchbinder, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and associate professor whose research explores how patients, families, and health care providers navigate social and ethical challenges raised by new developments in medical technology, health policy, and law. She is also a design enthusiast who, when she’s not working, enjoys vegetarian cooking, competitive board games with her husband and son, and slow fashion.

Production, Editing and Administration Team

Logan Castrodale, Molly Horak, Tamara Huson, Jonathon Young